Cachoid Capsule

Cachoid and Varnish in Brief

Cachoid is the server infrastructure and technology we built to harness the full power of Varnish, which is this super-programmable "proxy" cache used by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to name a few.

So take our super-programming of Varnish, mix in our array of security and performance-enhancing technologies, and you have this dedicated performance-on-stereoids capsule sitting in "front of" your Website to make it load hyper-fast!

And you don't even need to move or migrate your website! Cachoid works just like a CDN proxy. You simply point your website to Cachoid and we do the rest!

But why go fast? Google has strongly indicated that site speed is a critical signal used by its algorithm to rank your site. Not to mention that a slow-loading site is a sure way to disengage visitors. So go fast, rank better, retain visitors, and engage more!

Performance, security, flexibility!

Instant Global Provisioning

Spin up cachoids from one of a growing number of locations around the world within seconds. Varnish hits the ground running.

Batteries Included

Launch WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and many more tailored Varnish nodes with one click. Or create your own and push it live in seconds!

Built for speed

ALL your Website is cached including pages. Always ready to serve monstrous loads of simultaneous visitors.

Performant infrastructure

Is it the Enterprise SSD array or the 1+Gb/s band? Is it the the multi-core high CPU clock or the fully-contained Varnish instances?

VCL Marketplace New

A marketplace to buy and sell Varnish Cache scripts (called VCL). Tap a network of smart VCL coders. Vote the VCL you like the best!

Smart Load Balancing Beta!

Launch two cachoids or more; get cross-region load balancing and failover for free. Scaling out is built-in!

WAF ModSecurity Rules

Each cachoid has access to all OWASP app firewall security rules with the option to turn off rules if needed.

AWS S3 & Hosting

Leverage your S3 bucket & website to serve pages ultra fast from memory. On-the-wire Varnish hosting is available too!

Cache API

Each account has access to an API for granular purge, disable/enable caching, VCL upload/downoad, and more.

Free Trial and Predictable Billing

A 14-day trial is available with no credit card required. Fixed hourly pricing with no overages to contend with.

SSL & TLS Caching w/ HTTP/2

Enjoy end-to-end SSL & TLS caching with HTTP/2. Pick an affordable SSL plan, use your own certificate, or leverage Let's Encrypt.

CDN Compatible

Cachoid complements and interoperates well with CDNs. Cloudflare, MaxCDN, and others are supported.

Fine-grained Control

Defaults work well as is. Should you need finer control, it's there and in plain English.

Resource Auto-UpgraderBeta!

The auto-upgrader increases cachoid resources when needed. No action needed from your end.

Device Detection

Built-in device detections there if needed. Devices are served their corresponding pages.

A fast site for everyone

  • XS

    • 256MB RAM
    • 50K Page Views
    $ 5 Per

    $ 0.007 Per
    Free Trial
  • S

    • 512MB RAM
    • 100K Page Views
    $ 10 Per

    $ 0.014 Per
    Buy Now
  • Medium Hits the spot!

    • 768MB RAM
    • 150K Page Views
    $ 15 Per

    $ 0.020 Per
    Buy Now
  • Large

    • 1GB RAM
    • 200K Page Views
    $ 20 Per

    $ 0.028 Per
    Buy Now

Special Plans
Ultra Fast for Landing Pages

  • Free Forever Sweet!

    • 128MB RAM
    • 20K Page Views
    $ 0 Per

    $ 0.00 Per
    Forever Free!
  • Busy Page

    • 198MB RAM
    • 40K Page Views
    $ 4 Per

    $ 0.0055 Per
    Buy Now
  • Made the News! Hits the spot!

    • 638MB RAM
    • 80K Page Views
    $ 7 Per

    $ 0.0097 Per
    Buy Now
  • Hugged to Death!

    • 1GB RAM
    • 130K Page Views
    $ 12 Per

    $ 0.016 Per
    Buy Now

Larger Plans
Handle More Traffic!

  • XL

    • 1.5GB RAM
    • 300K Page Views
    $ 30 Per

    $ 0.042 Per
    Buy Now
  • XXL

    • 2GB RAM
    • 500K Page Views
    $ 50 Per

    $ 0.070 Per
    Buy Now
  • XXXL

    • 4GB RAM
    • 2MM Page Views
    $ 70 Per

    $ 0.097 Per
    Buy Now
  • Clustered

    • xTB RAM
    • 500MM+ Page Views
    $ --- Per

    $ --- Per

How It Works


Pick a plan and add your website via the Cachoid control panel.


Point your DNS at your powerful cachoid edge point.


Fine-tune caching and explore the myriad of record-breaking page load features.

Some supported platforms

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  • Github Logo
  • AWS S3 Logo
  • Drupal Logo
  • Magento Logo
  • Joomla Logo

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