How to enable two-factor authentication (2FA)

Your Warp account can be doubly protection via Google Two-factor Authentication. This can be enabled from your account’s profile. On the next page, you’ll be able to enable 2FA with one click and right then and there save your QR key We recommend scanning the key with your smartphone and tablet (if you have one). […]

In-app contextual search that helps you find what you need

The Cachoid control panel, dubbed Warp, comes with a search bar at the very top. You can search for full or partial keywords like part of your domain name and other attributes. And it will list existing services and corresponding settings that match the keywords including billing. This is handy when you’re in a rush […]

From Signup to Go Live! A step by step guide to getting up and running quickly

Note: In our continuous quest to make Cachoid better, we introduce new changes, improvements, and new features almost every day. It’s likely that the GUI elements you see in screen shots on this page look slightly different than those you see in Warp (the Cachoid control panel). Hopefully this doesn’t throw you off. But if […]

Why Cachoid? What’s in it for you?

To cut to the chase, this is what Cachoid gets you out of the box. “As part of that effort, today we’re including a new signal in our search ranking algorithms: site speed.” — Google Search Quality Team Page and File Speed! A fast page-loading site! Your pages, not just files, are cached for maximal speed. In […]

Cachoid: Bird’s eye view

We’re aware this article is very clumsy. It’s in our todo list for a revamp. Thank you for understanding! Cachoid is a service that sits between your server (shared server, VM, VPS, dedicated server, cluster) and your visitor. This configuration ensures Cachoid will intelligently serve your visitor with the freshest cache-copy from memory in the shortest […]

Stay green with Cachoid

Website performance is at the forefront of our value proposition. Nevertheless we all have a shared responsibility for our future and our planet. Cachoid achieves speed by caching assets and pages in memory as opposed to having your server do the work over and over again. By reaching out to its memory store, bypassing your server’s heavy […]

Security layers

We’re building Cachoid with security in mind from the onset. Our goal is to limit the surface exposure down to the veriest minimum. This includes, but is not limited, to picking services, tools, and practices that have had good security parcours. First things first, your account at Cachoid is TLS/SSL protected. This is so your Warp […]

About Cachoid in brief

Cachoid makes your website pull faster. Cachoid works very closely with your website to cache pages, media, and files. It works tirelessly behind the scenes to serve your website pages extremely fast to your visitors. Never miss an opportunity because your actual server is down. Cachoid keeps your pages in its cache handy in the […]

How does Cachoid work with a CDN?

While a CDN helps distribute and serve your static assets (images, CSS, Javascript, etc) from distant locations around the world, it doesn’t do page caching efficiently and with speed in mind. This is where Cachoid comes in. Cachoid holds an up-to-date copy of your pages in memory at all times.

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