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Articles pertaining to account billing, account management, payment, invoicing, etc

How to contact support at Cachoid

You can reach support, billing, or sales directly from Warp at The support link is available on Warp via the drop down menu at the top right of your screen.  

How to enable two-factor authentication (2FA)

Your Warp account can be doubly protection via Google Two-factor Authentication. This can be enabled from your account’s profile. On the next page, you’ll be able to enable 2FA with one click and right then and there save your QR key We recommend scanning the key with your smartphone and tablet (if you have one). […]

In-app contextual search that helps you find what you need

The Cachoid control panel, dubbed Warp, comes with a search bar at the very top. You can search for full or partial keywords like part of your domain name and other attributes. And it will list existing services and corresponding settings that match the keywords including billing. This is handy when you’re in a rush […]

How to add funds to your Cachoid account

In addition to subscribing to your plan(s) to make automatic monthly payments, you can add one-off funds to your Cachoid account using your credit card either through Stripe or Paypal. You can also use Stripe to pay with your Bitcoins. Anyway, go ahead and head on to the Add Funds page.   On the Add […]

From Signup to Go Live! A step by step guide to getting up and running quickly

Note: In our continuous quest to make Cachoid better, we introduce new changes, improvements, and new features almost every day. It’s likely that the GUI elements you see in screen shots on this page look slightly different than those you see in Warp (the Cachoid control panel). Hopefully this doesn’t throw you off. But if […]

How do I upgrade my cachoid?

It takes a couple of clicks to upgrade your cachoid. Go ahead and navigate to the cachoid listing page at Click on the plan name that is right next to your cachoid name (see the above screen shot). Then follow the on-screen information to confirm the upgrade. Did you know? Plan upgrades in the […]

How do I cancel service for one or more Cachoids?

Deleting a cachoid via the control panel cancels its billing subscription effective immediately. Should you decide to restore service at a later point in time, you can re-add the cachoid. The system will determine if the service still has time left and will activate it until then. However, if you’d rather cancel the subscription but keep […]

How do I add load balancing?

Load balancing is a feature that is available on all plans except the trial. It is automatically setup and configured for you once you pick two or three locations for your cachoid. You can double check its status by checking the number of returned IPs from your cachoid CNAME ( Load balancing doesn’t cost extra. It […]

How Cachoid charges your account for services

Services are billed on a monthly basis except for SSL certificates, which are billed yearly. Some addons, like VCL purchases from third party sellers, are billed once only. When you decide to load balance across multiple nodes, the total billed equals the total number of locations you picked times the monthly cost for one Cachoid. […]

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