ModSecurity Configuration

In order to get you the security you need right away, our implementation of ModSecurity seeks to make an otherwise involved task easy to implement. You have access to two modes: DetectionOnly On By default, your cachoid’s Modsecurity configuration is set to DetectionOnly. The reasoning is that Modsecurity rules can be heavily intrusive, break your website, and […]

How to enable two-factor authentication (2FA)

Your Warp account can be doubly protection via Google Two-factor Authentication. This can be enabled from your account’s profile. On the next page, you’ll be able to enable 2FA with one click and right then and there save your QR key We recommend scanning the key with your smartphone and tablet (if you have one). […]

How to add funds to your Cachoid account

In addition to subscribing to your plan(s) to make automatic monthly payments, you can add one-off funds to your Cachoid account using your credit card either through Stripe or Paypal. You can also use Stripe to pay with your Bitcoins. Anyway, go ahead and head on to the Add Funds page.   On the Add […]

From Signup to Go Live! A step by step guide to getting up and running quickly

Note: In our continuous quest to make Cachoid better, we introduce new changes, improvements, and new features almost every day. It’s likely that the GUI elements you see in screen shots on this page look slightly different than those you see in Warp (the Cachoid control panel). Hopefully this doesn’t throw you off. But if […]

Access logs

Your cachoid’s access logs are periodically collected, stored, and shipped once a day or when the size of the logs exceeds 200MB.   They’re stored in a private bucket in S3 and are made available for you to download (or delete) from the Stats page. You are also given the option to completely disable access […]

Security layers

We’re building Cachoid with security in mind from the onset. Our goal is to limit the surface exposure down to the veriest minimum. This includes, but is not limited, to picking services, tools, and practices that have had good security parcours. First things first, your account at Cachoid is TLS/SSL protected. This is so your Warp […]

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