With Cachoid, you can set your AWS S3 website bucket as a backend “server” so Varnish can memory-cache assets while serving the content via an actual domain of your choice (ex: www.cachoid.com). You can also set an index.html file (or any index file name of your choice) to mimick the behavior of a website.  In order to take advantage of this feature, head out to the AWS Console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/console/home and from the services in top menu, select S3.

From the list of buckets, select or create the bucket you’d like to turn into an S3 website:

AWS Console Buckets

On the next page, click on the properties tab and then click on the Static Website Hosting link

Static Website Hosting


Be sure to set a Document Index and then save. Note down your bucket Endpoint (see screen shot above) and head back to the Cachoid panel.

Origin Page

Add or select the cachoid you need to use for this bucket and select the Origin tab. Then input the bucket-website and save:

S3 Bucket Website

S3 Bucket Website