We’re aware this article is very clumsy. It’s in our todo list for a revamp. Thank you for understanding!

Cachoid is a service that sits between your server (shared server, VM, VPS, dedicated server, cluster) and your visitor. This configuration ensures Cachoid will intelligently serve your visitor with the freshest cache-copy from memory in the shortest time possible.


Cachoid serving

We put the best breed of systems, hardware, and networks to quickly churn out and deliver Website pages. This isn’t a “file” cache. It’s a Website cache. Pages, everything, are saved in memory and served fresh to your visitors. Because our focus is on speed, we take great care to ensure servers and services are running optimally and have plenty of room to do their job.


Because we want your Website to pull a lot faster and handle an large number of visitors, we’ve implemented orchestration of multiple Varnish instances to power one Website. You can have as many as two or three cachoids working together to serve the traffic of your Website.

Two is better than one

But speed isn’t everything. In a distraught world like the one we live in, extra security does not hurt! It’s of utmost importance. This is why we integrated Modsecurity into the platform. OWASP rules are personalized and available to each and every one of your cachoids. Also, SSL/TLS is integrated in the platform and is one click away!

But that’s not all; Cachoid delivers a serious punch of other features!