This page explains the nomenclature used in the cachoid control panel Warp.

FQDN is acronym for Fully Qualified Domain Name. is an FQDN. is another FQDN. Cachoid is the name-brand of the service we offer. We also conveniently refer to each one of your virtual machines that runs Varnish Cache as a cachoid. Each cachoid handles the acceleration of exactly one FQDN. Sticking with the cachoid, you could be running one or all of the following websites:

  • Main Website:
  • Blog:
  • Forum:
  • Shop:

Because these subpages (/, blog, forums, shop) are under the same FQDN, (www.), they are all served by the same Varnish Cache instance (or cachoid). But each subpage (ex: shop) can have its own caching rules. For example, you could set the pageapp for subpage /blog to WordPress and the pageapp for subpage /shop to Magento, etc.

You’ve probably noticed that I subtly introduced another new word: Pageapp. A pageapp is an attribute but also a configuration option that designates the behavior of Varnish Cache for a particular subpage.