Yes, absolutely!

You can set your cachoid to take and compile your own VCL by setting the App to option Custom VCL (Cachoid -> Caching -> (/ root) -> App -> Custom VCL -> Save). Once you save this option, you’ll be presented with a VCL editor where you can input your own VCL and submit it to your cachoid. There are, however, some rules to follow so your cachoid is able to communicate with your backend website (origin). Be sure to follow the on-screen instructions provided in the default custom VCL (ex: include “backends.vcl”, etc).

Note that this feature requires a good understanding of Varnish and VCL programming. We recommend it only if you know your way around Varnish. Should you need a VCL expert to do this for you, we recommend checking the Marketplace via the control panel. You can pick from a list of third party VCLs.